Pistol Crack 05-10-13
Pistol Crack 30-08-13
Pistol Crack 05-10-13


 Wayne was away and I was invited by John Beddie to dive off his boat Sea John.  We met at 7am at Foreshore drive.  Unfortunately Heinz had pulled out unwell so John did not dive.  But Eddie Ivers, Peter Flockart and myself dived our first of 2 dives on the day at Pistol Crack.

As soon I dropped the anchor I knew it was going to be good. I could see the anchor rope almost to the bottom.  I rolled over fist and secured the anchor and waited for Eddie and Peter.  Viz was a good 20m, I could just make out the boat on the surface.  Heading east there was not a huge amount of fish life but some nice nudies.  This was also the first dive with my Patima housing and it worked a treat.  The buttons were solid and for the first time I could use AV mode on the camera.

We went east then south and turned near the end of the wall.  On the way back I was greeted by a cuttle and just before I ascended a mourning cuttle was feeding off some vegetation. 

Even the water was nice on this dive.  18 degrees and I was warm in my semi dry SEATEC suit.


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