Bridge Climb


Bridge Climb
Andre Rieu


I received a Bridge Walk gift certificate as did Jenny and Margo, so eventually we got out act together and booked it for Sunday April 20, 2008.  The weather looked bad, windy, overcast and raining.  But we were lucky, it did not rain at all, not even a few drops.  It takes about 3 hours all up including preparation and the walk itself.  We walked mid afternoon and got to enjoy a cloudy sunset.  From the top you can see both heads and you can see Kurnell and Cape Banks (entrance to Botany Bay) through the city.  The walk is not too strenuous.  The ladders might be challenging for those that are not comfortable on ladders but there are people there to help.  And they take lots of pics that you can buy at the end.

This is one of those must do things - you might only do it once in your life but it is very worth it.

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