Midway Reef 23-10-10


 As we were heading out from Broken Bay to the wreck of the TSS Hall Caine we saw a number of fishing boats in our path in the middle of nowhere.  We watched the bottom finder and noted that the bottom came up from 27m to 16m quite quickly, meaning there was a reef down there.  We took a GPS mark, and after our dive on the wreck we headed back to the mark.  We anchored in 22m and dropped down.  At the bottom we found a wall that was 4-5 meters high extending in a roughly NE position, with scattered rocks deeper down and reef at the top as far as we could see.  We swam along the wall for about 20 minutes before returning to the anchor.  There was not a lot of fish life but the soft corals of every type were amazing.  And a number of nudibranchs as well.  We did see bulleye, several types of wrasse, red mowong and old wives.

Back on the boat we headed back towards Brooklyn.  We noted the depth and were amazed to find that the depth remained at 16m to 18m for 430m from our more northerly mark before dropping down to the sand line at around 22m.

This is very large reef and worth exploring.  Who knows what it might be hiding.  We're not aware of any previous references to this reef so are calling it Midway reef.  GPS co-ordinates for the part of the reef that we dived are 33o33.308' S 151o22.327'W