The Gullies 06-05-06
  At the end of our first dive on May 6, 2006 we saw Sea Tamer II at a site that was about 600m South of Barrons Hut, close to shore.  We headed in to sheltered waters for our cup-a-soup and checked out Gibbons reef on the depth sounder.  We decide to dive where Sea Tamer II was and once they had vacated we moved in an anchored.  The Gullies is full of overhangs, caves and swimthroughs. There are sponges, fans and other plant life a plenty.   The site is superb.  We saw more groper at this site than anywhere else I have dived.  I counted at least 10 males and a few females.  The caves at the bottom of big boulders are fantastic, some you can swim right through if you are small.  There are also more swim throughs than I have found anywhere. The sandy bottom is at about 20m.  At this site you can dive at a wide range of depths from under 10m to a bit over 20m. The site is well worth more visits and we will dive it often.
The Gullies 06-05-06
The Gullies 11-04-09


Wayne enters one of the caves

fan inside a cave

Wayne & 1 of the many groper

Wayne enters another cave




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