The Gullies 21-04-07
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The Gullies 21-04-07
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Merries Reef 23-06-06
Cape Bailey/Voodoo 17-11-07
Colours reef 03-02-08
Blue Fish 09-02-08
Clovelly Pool 13-07-08
Container Wall 02-08-08
Red flag 18-02-06
Jibbon Bommie  08-11-08
The Pinnacles 12-12-09
The Split 14-08-10
Tabbagai Point 18-12-10
Bass & Flinders 02-04-11
Bypass reef
Midway reef
Pistol Crack
M&K reef


This was our second dive after diving the Undola.  We wanted a shallower dive and this is good one when the seas are flat.  It is 22m on the sand but rises through large boulders and walls up to 7m closer to the cliffs.  Viz was great the there were schools of stripeys and yellowtail as well as many mowong, groper, old wives and curious cuttles. At the sand level there at least 4 different nudies.   One of the cuttles we watched for a few minutes then left it and moved on.  At one point I turned and there was this cuttle, not more than half a metre in front of my face.  It did not shy away no matter what we did but maintained it's curiosity.  I pushed my strobe close to it,  Initially it opened up and grabbed the strobe but then promptly let it go.  No further amount of pushing the strobe gently at it could get it to grab it again.  It followed us until we ascended.  After going through a lovely swim through I spotted a large black ray above us.  Quickly doubling back I was able to get underneath it as it glided past. WOW.  We followed it for a bit - they are so majestic.   Unfortunately half way through the dive my camera batteries gave out.

We did this dive on 30% Nitrox xo had no deco issues but surfaced after 61 minutes.  A great site, with something for every one.



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