Bypass reef
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Bypass reef is located just off Cape Banks on the north head of Botany Bay.  It is rumoured it is named for one of two reasons, the first being that most dive boats bypass this site as the head north out of Botany Bay.  The second explanation is the John D, a club member had recently had a bypass when he and others discovered this reef. 

This is deeper than most reefs.  The sand line is around 30m deep making it an ideal nitrox dive. 

The reef is large, we mostly dive the east end where there is  a large wall that runs east then turns south and lots of crevices in the rock formations.  There is also a small cave a bit to the south which is worth exploring.  Beyond the cave is a rocky shelf.  We don't know how far that shelf extends.

To the north the wall is about 1m high and seems to be much less interesting.