Bypass reef 11-05-13


May 11 was the club boat dive and BBD day.  Conditions looked good - fine and sunny, light wind.  We put the boat in at Foreshore Drive and picked up our first load of divers at 7.30am.  Zorka and Shane came out with us to Bypass reef.  We dropped onto a more northern part of the reef.  A cave and large rocks, gutters and heaps of fish life all over the place.  Lots of pike and yellowtail.  Viz was  a good 12m.  A very enjoyable dive for all. 

We then dropped back to Frenchmans Bay where Wayne dropped us off and picked up 3 more divers, heading out to WWP.  They also had a great dive there.

Then it was my turn again and this time we took Ron and Chris out to Bypass reef.  This time a bit further south, another cave and a PJ and cuttles. Towards the end of the dive viz dropped back to around 5m but it was a great dive.