Bypass reef 15-02-14


A drizzly day with the forecast saying windy with 1.6m seas 6 secs apart.  We expected not to get out of Botany Bay. Put out the heads it was calm with little wind and slight seas.  As we were dropping anchor Le Scat turned up.  And then Sea John but Sea Jon did not anchor but headed off to another dive site.

There was a bit of current so we put out a pull line.  I let Wayne and Leo go first, then I dropped over, hanging onto the drop line.  Lucky I was hanging on because when I started to fin I realised I had no fins.  They were still in the boat.  So I climb back in, put my fins on and headed down.  Great viz at the bottom but a very cold 16 degrees.  Wayne and Leo were photographing the sea horses.  There were 3 of them and they made great subjects.

Shortly after divers from Le Scat appeared and took over photographing the sea horses.

Lots to see - many red Mowong in the cave, sea tulips everywhere, and lots of other schooling fish.