Whale watch platform
WWP 26-09-09
WWP 26-06-10
WWP NW 03-07-10
WWP NW 08-05-10
WWP 18-12-10
WWP 05-02-11
WWP 06-08-11
WWP 08-10-11
WWP 24-0.-12
WWP 22-12-12
WWP 26-01-13
WWP 26-04-13
WWP 12-07-14
WWP 12-10-14
WWP 20-12-14


 The whale watch platform is a lovely dive. It is named after the whale watch platform that is on the cliff top above this site.  It features 2 caves, one of which is very fishy, and a long wall that turns in an L shape, ending in a lovely sponge garden.  Inside these walls is a lovely sand grotto - often with rays resting in the sand.  The dive site is around 20m on the sand.  Beyond the wall and a little deeper are scattered rocks and kelp.

The site is only accessible by boat and there are no charters that go to any of these sites.

This is a lovely dive site and well worth further visits.