WWP 24-0.-12


 After a great dive at Bypass reef we take Mike Scotland and Bram Harris to the whale watch platform.  Le Scat had dived here and said it was good and it was.  The water was that blue colour that just says great diving.  Anchored perfectly beside the sandy alcove we found a weedie that was very photogenic.  Then a stingaree in the sand as we headed over to the caves.  Cuttles a plenty and at the second cave Mike and Bram were watching a large cuttle.  When we came there were 4 and I got a nice pic of Mike with the cuttle.  Outside the cave lots of bullseye as usual.  Out East from the cave we came back between 2 rocks where there are ledges.  Under one was a another cuttle but it was well back and did not venture out.  We then came back to the sponge garden at the wall and headed north to the end of the wall. Not a lot to see here.  As we prepared to end the dive a turtle came past. Wayne missed it but I got a decent pic of it as it swum past.  Biz was excellent the water a pleasant 20 degrees.