WWP 22-12-12


We dived Bypass reef and enjoyed the PJs and sea horses there.  Our second dive was at the Whale Watch Platform.

Our anchor was at the usual spot, at the SE end of the sand alcove which is front of the L shaped wall.  We head over the the caves and are rewarded with a blue devil fish in the first cave.  At the second cave there was a variety of life.  Two stingarees at the opening to the cave.  Then 2 cuttles, one out in the open of the cave and another in one of the ledges behind the cave.  And another devil fish in another ledge.  We then headed out from the cave and around the rocks in front of the cave before heading south and back past the anchor and along the wall to the south.  Viz was good at about 8m and the water a coolish 16 degrees.