WWP 12-10-14


October 12 was the St George Scuba Club Boat dive and BBQ at Frenchmans Bay.  The day is planned to give club members the opportunity to boat dive with one of the club members' boat.  There were 4 boats today and the weather was fine and sunny.  Wayne was first off the beach taking Michelle, Ian and myself.  We headed to Bypass reef but a quick drop of the weighted line told us there was a roaring current.  We went across to the other side of Botany Bay to the whale watch platform where it was calm and no current or surge.

At the bottom a pleasant enough 17C, viz about 5m.  We found cuttles, blue devilfish, PJs, nudies, bullseye and a school of good size kingfish.  Towards the end of the dive I came across a pair of mourning cuttles.

Wayne then took a second group of divers out, also the WWP.  The third trip out was Leo, Michael, Wayne and myself.  Again to the WWP we counted 5 devilfish plus the same cuttles and a moray eel.

These were my first dives in my SEATEC semi-dry for the season and it is so much better than even a really good dry suit (which I was wearing through winter).

After the dives great food and company.  Thanks to all the club members who made the day hapen.