WWP 20-12-14


Our second dive for the day.  We have Michael Roelens, Heinz, Wayne and I.

Viz was easy 12m and we anchored right at the head of the sandy alcove.  Across to the first cave Michael I came across a weedie sea dragon.  We took lots of photos.  Really nice to see these as they have become much rarer these days.

Then at the first cave a large cuttle but it stayed back deep in the cave.  Second cave and lots of bullseye and another smaller cuttle.  Then back the sandy alcove again past the same weedie.  Deep under the overhang a large wobbie rested, well camouflaged.  The usual one spots hanging around here, then around and along the wall.  A lovely mourning cuttle was floating high in one of the gaps.  Then back and yet another cuttle and a very large wobbie resting in the sand.  Finally a stingaree swam gracefully across the sand.

A lovely dive with lots of variety