WWP NW 08-05-10


 We have done a fantastic dive at Cape Banks Caverns and then headed across Botany Bay to the whale watch platform.  Our last visit here we had followed the wall around to it's end to the NW.  Here the wall ends in several crevices which are too small for us to swim through.  We were keen to explore this area further so we anchored further NW, around where the wall turns abruptly on an L shaped corner.  When we descended were anchored on a smaller wall about 20m East of the main wall, adjacent to a large overhang.  Here were thousands of fish.  We followed the wall NW to it's end and then kept going.  Below us were boulders of all sizes and again lots of fish around them.  A large black bull ray came from behind us and kept on heading northwest.  Even though it was gliding slowly, I could not keep up with it.  Having see enough of these boulders we turned around and headed back towards the cave.  Outside the more northerly cave, on a small sandy patch sat the turtle, facing us resting in the sand.  We took some photos of it before it turned and swam away. 

We've seen this turtle on every dive here - we certainly hope that it hangs around.