WWP NW 03-07-10


 The whale watch platform is an amazing dive site.  The main cave is interesting enough with cuttles, devilfish, and schooling fish.  But following the wall to the North you can get to where the wall does a L turn.  The point at the end of this has lovely sponge gardens and is usually covered in fish.

In this alcove we came across a huge bull ray resting in the sand.  We got quite close but it was starting to get agitated so we backed away and left it alone.  Back towards the cave we once again came across the 3 legged turtle resting in the sand in from of the cave.  It sat there for a few minutes before getting nervous and moving off.

We put a 9lb weight and attached a SMB to it so that we could mark the centre of the sandy patch in front of the wall.  This worked OK but with the sea movement it got jammed under rocks and Wayne had to dive down to get it.

At the end of the dive we could not find the anchor but as we got closer to the surface we could see the boat so we were able to end the dive on the anchor rope.