WWP 26-06-10



This was one of those dives where it does not go to plan.  The plan was to locate the cave and follow the wall around to the wall, then follow the wall to where it turns at ninety degrees.  On the sandy area here we were to place a 9lb weight and secure a safety sausage to it so that we could get a good GPS of the wall.  After anchoring we found the cave OK, then proceeded south following the diminishing wall.  We swam across kelp, then came to another smaller wall.  We then headed northish over sand areas in between rocky outcrops, none of which looked familiar.  We were doing this dive on our twins - the left over gas from our first dive on the Tuggerah.  As my air dropped and we weren't in any area that we knew I became a bit more anxious.  A bit more looking around and we elected to surface to find the boat.  On the surface we were a good distance  south of the boat and had to surface swim it back.  With twins this is hard going.

We did find that to the south, closer to shore from the cave there are some interesting formations that would be worth exploring one day.