Gordons Bay 09-01-08
Anchor Reef
Barrens Hut
Bare Island
Magic Point
6 Fathom Reef
Camp Cove
Whale watch platform
Osborn Shoals
Cape Bank Cavern
Point Tupei
Minmi Trench
Henry Head
Middle Ground 10-11-07
Maccas Reef 20-01-07
Old Mans Hat 09-01-10
Gordons Bay 09-01-08
Pizza Reef
Wedding Cake Isl 01-07-06
Marley Point
Shelley Beach 13-04-08
Chowder Bay 02-03-08
The Gullies 21-04-07
Clifton  Gardens 05-04-07
Shark Point 30-07-05
Merries Reef 23-06-06
Cape Bailey/Voodoo 17-11-07
Colours reef 03-02-08
Blue Fish 09-02-08
Clovelly Pool 13-07-08
Container Wall 02-08-08
Red flag 18-02-06
Jibbon Bommie  08-11-08
The Pinnacles 12-12-09
The Split 14-08-10
Tabbagai Point 18-12-10
Bass & Flinders 02-04-11
Bypass reef
Midway reef
Pistol Crack
M&K reef


 A nice sunny Wednesday afternoon and instead of Bare Island we go to Gordo's.  A film crew gives Wayne some grief with parking but once that's over we're in the water.  Tide was low and there was little waves.  We aimed to follow the nature trail.  We headed out following it over the wall and out across the sand.  And then it ended - broken.  We looked around for it - finally finding another part of it quite a distance from the break.  We ended back at the wall where I got a nice shrimp pic.  The trail looks like it has not been maintained for quite a while which is a shame.  Gordos is a nice evening or night dive when the few day fish are quiet and the night fish come out.

The pics are in order as we went around the trail.


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