Bass & Flinders 02-04-11


We've never dived Bass & Flinders and with conditions in Bate Bay and beyond not suitable it was the only dive site that we could find to dive.  After trying to find something interesting on the bottom finder at Oak Park and unsuccessfully getting the anchor to hold we anchored in the sand 50m off the entry point.  On the shore was quite a large group of people and photographers.  They were dressed casually so it was no a wedding party.  In the water was an instructor and students. We are always appalled at seeing students being given full foot fins and having to walk in bare feet across the rocks.

We used our cross over rope to allow us to venture away from the boat.  In all directions from the boat there is just sand.  The interesting part is along the shore line where we found octopus, shrimp and a crab.  Also lots of stripeys and a few other fish.  This site is reminds me a bit of Fairy Bower along the shore line.  It is very shallow - we reached a maximum depth of just over 4m and most fo the dive is in 2m or less.  It would be good snorkeling along the shore line. 

Michael McFadyen states on his dive web that in October you can find hundreds of baby Port Jackson sharks.  Having dived with these wonderful little creatures on the Fairy Firefly in Jervis Bay we are sure that we will come back to Bass & Flinders in October.  Till then we might give it a miss (unless we get desperate again).