Container Wall 02-08-08
Our second dive on the 2nd August and options were really limited.  We looked at Kurnell and Bare Island and both were badly affected by the strong westerly winds.  We opted to duck in behind the container wall for a cuppa and then realised that it might be interesting to dive the container wall. We opted to anchor the boat just off the SE point of the wall.  Viz as not great, there was a lot of particulate matter in the water but the huge amount of fish life was amazing.  No wonder we always see fishers here.  There were leatherjackets, mowong, Sgt Baker, yellowtail, huge amounts of schooling fish of various types.  At one stage a big old giant cuttle came out from the rocks and headed off. To where we don't know but he was definitely on a mission.  An octopus inhabited a pipe and nearly came out for us.  Another thing we discovered here is the huge number of anchors on the bottom.  Fishers anchoring here get their anchor caught and have no choice but to cut it off.  We know where to come to get lots of anchors and chains.

The depth at the sand line is around 20m so this dive can be done at depths from very shallow to that depth, making it ideal for any one.  It can be done from shore.  This requires climbing down the rocks and back up again in full scuba.  Not quite as bad as shiprock but none too easy either.

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