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We hadn't dived here before so thought we'd give it a go.  Having already dived Barrons Hut on 36% Nitrox we had close to 2 hour surface interval to give us some decent bottom time on Maccas Reef.  Using 26% Nitrox (we had this mixed for the Tuggerah) we managed 43 mins and went into deco by 6 mins.  Max depth was 26.2m.

Maccas is a great reef.  We landed on the East side and followed the sand line to the South.  There are lots of overhangs to look into and crevices to look into.  Not really looking at where I was going but rather at the rocks I was unaware of the large bull ray swimming towards me.  Luckily it saw me and soared away before we collided.  It would have about 1.5m away.  These are such graceful creatures I really enjoy watching them.  Further on we found a sand anchor with good chain.  If it looks in good condition we will recover these.  So we put a marker buoy on it and headed on.  I had seen some interesting crevices into the reef and while exploring them I came across a plough anchor.  This too was in good nick so we dragged it across to the first one.  Two anchors in 1 dive is good. This had consumed quite a bit of air so we headed back to the anchor.

This is a reef that we will go back to and explore further.


bull ray that I nearly swum into

school of yellowtail





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