Henry Head
Henry Head 16-12-06
Henry Head South 22-12-07
Henry Head South 19-01-08
Henry Head Sth 02-08-08
Henry Head South 29-12-07
Henry Head Sth 050909
Henry Head Sth 30-10-10
Henry Head Sth 29-10-11
Henry Head Sth 11-12-11
Henry Head  11-03-06
Henry Head 26-05-13
Henry Head 18-01-14
Henry Head 10-01-15


Henry Head is another great dive site inside Botany Bay.  Henry Head is on the north side of Botany Bay further in from Caper Banks.  It is the site if an old fort built to defend the Bay from invasion.  There was a large opening in the rock face where the guns would have faced out but that was bricked up many years ago. It is still a scar on the rock face. 

Henry Head is distinguished by large boulders scattered from the sand line up to 10m.  There a number of swim throughs as well.  There are always lots of fish here. Henry head is subject to current and very varied viz.  Best time to dive it is on an incoming tide where the water is cleaner.  On an outgoing tide the current can take you further east and swimming against the current on the surface is very hard.


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