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 Seas were up on January 20,2008 and we knew that we had to be in Botany bay.  We  had enjoyed Henry Head previously and hoped for better viz than last time.  We anchored at our usual spot and the boat settled 30m from it.  The water was a nice 20C and viz was not brilliant by OK at about 8m.  We headed shallower, exploring the large rock formations around 12-16m. There are big rocks here with lots of crevices and possible swim throughs.  I tried one but could not get through and could not turn around so had to back out again.  We saw cuttles, groper, bullseye and a Beechers devilfish, amongst lots of other suspects.  There was a bit of surge here but no current at the bottom.  We knew we had headed East but could not locate the anchor as we headed back West. With our no-deco time quickly running out we commenced a blue water ascent and 3 minute safety stop.  On surfacing we were 50m east of the boat.  The boat was still anchored and we were drifting out with the current.  A very hard surface swim to get back to the mermaid line left us both close to exhaustion.  Wayne had to go back down to free the anchor.


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