Henry Head Sth 050909
Henry Head 16-12-06
Henry Head South 22-12-07
Henry Head South 19-01-08
Henry Head Sth 02-08-08
Henry Head South 29-12-07
Henry Head Sth 050909
Henry Head Sth 30-10-10
Henry Head Sth 29-10-11
Henry Head Sth 11-12-11
Henry Head  11-03-06
Henry Head 26-05-13
Henry Head 18-01-14
Henry Head 10-01-15


After wedding cake we checked out Magic Point but it was too rough.  Long Bay was nice for a cuppa - it was sunny and sheltered from the wind.  Heading back toward Botany Bay we assessed other dive sites along the way. Cape Banks caverns and Minmi Trench were both rough but Henry Head was not as bad so we dropped anchor in 20m on the sand line.  Again viz was not good but following the sand line we were confident on getting back to the anchor.  We headed west and not far from the anchor we came across weedie sea dragons.  My first encounter was an adult and juvenile together.  Lovely to spend time with this pair.  A bit further on was another pair and one which had a white patch on it's side.  Heading back to the anchor I came across a gap under some big rocks. Here I found another juvenile weedie and got some pics of it.  We were running out of deco time and set the anchor we we could easily pull it off.  By that time we were both slightly into deco so had to do an extended safety stop.  Getting back into the boat was tricky as it was pitching quite severely as the boat was still anchored.  Usually the boat is drifting so moves much less. 

This was a lovely encounter with weedies.  They are always a delight.