Henry Head Sth 30-10-10


 October 30, 2010 we head from the Foreshore rd boat ramp mid afternoon.  With big seas from the ENE and strong northerly winds we look towards Bare Island, Henry Head on Minmi for our dives. At Minmi the seas are a bit too big for comfort so we anchor at Henry Head sth.  On a good day this is a great dive site.  It has a well defined sand line at around 24, then scattered rocks then in the shallower water large rock formations that have big gaps and no doubt some swim throughs.  The viz on this day was excellent, around 15m.  On our descent I could make out the bottom from a depth of 8m.  Securing the anchor we headed west into the tide, although there was no current.  I found a juvenile moray eel, then some weedie sea dragons.  The colour of the plants was very bright and sharp.  Absolutely lovely. There were quite a number of nudies as well.  We headed into up shallower into the large rock formations.  I found a moray, completely out in the open on a rock ledge, just sitting there looking at me.  I got a few pics of it.  Wayne had found a lone mourning cuttle under a rock ledge and with some maneuvering I got a pic of it. 

Back down near the anchor were a few fish swimming around, including a pair of   pygmy leatherjacket, one large and one small.  They move very quickly and are hard to photograph.  I persevered with one swimming around a particular plant and finally got a good pic.  We found a large dead shell in the sand and I put it beside the anchor to take back up.  But at the end of the dive, with my air getting low I did not even think of collecting it. 

A great dive and this site has lots more to see, especially in the shallower waters which are full of large rock formations with lots of cracks and crevices to explore.