Henry Head Sth 29-10-11


 We hadn't dived Henry Head for about a year.  This was my second dive for the day and Zorka, Stuart and Wayne's 3rd.  They had dived the Malabar after Magic Point.  For Zorka this would be 3 new dive sites and for Stuart 2.  Stuart had dived Magic Point from shore once before.

Viz was down maybe 5 to 8 metres and the water a cold 14 degrees.  There was an outgoing tide so we headed west just up from the sand line.  The rock formations here are amazing with lots of large boulders and gaps and crevices.  We went west then headed back east towards the anchor.  On the way back we came across an L shaped swim through which 3 of us went through.  Zorka had tried another swim through but could not get through so had to back out. 

Heading back we must have passed the anchor's location as we were clearly more east than it was.  We headed to the surface and once we were at 5m Wayne surfaced and took a sighting to the boat which was up current from us.  We completed our safety stop while swimming towards the boat, then surfaced.  We were still 100m or so from the boat and we were down current.  Starting to surface swim we saw Sea John nearby.  They threw us a line and towed us back to the boat.

An good dive with an interesting ending but Zorka and Stuart enjoyed all their dives. Thanks for joining us.