Henry Head Sth 11-12-11
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 Our second dive for the day and with the great viz we had at Minim we expected more of the same.  We anchored at our usual spot and dropped down.  The viz was good.  The tide was now outgoing so we headed west into the tide.  Heinz secured his reel to the anchor and let it play out as we swam.  Some nice Moray eels in cracks.  There are amazing rock formations here. Heinz saw a devilfish but it did a great job of hiding from my camera.  As we went further west the viz deteriorated badly so we headed back and spent the last 10 minutes close to the anchor.  I was starting to get cold as well.  As we prepared to ascend and with the anchor suspended on the lift bag we saw a large cuttle.  I managed to keep one eye on the anchor and get some pics of the cuttle.  If it had only appeared a few minutes earlier.