Henry Head 26-05-13
Henry Head 16-12-06
Henry Head South 22-12-07
Henry Head South 19-01-08
Henry Head Sth 02-08-08
Henry Head South 29-12-07
Henry Head Sth 050909
Henry Head Sth 30-10-10
Henry Head Sth 29-10-11
Henry Head Sth 11-12-11
Henry Head  11-03-06
Henry Head 26-05-13
Henry Head 18-01-14
Henry Head 10-01-15


In what looked on the net to be very rough conditions Wayne and I headed out from Foreshore Rd to see where we could dive.  We thought Whale Watch Platform was  a possibility but when we got around the corner at Kurnell it looked really rough.  Then over to Bypass reef.  It was calmer here but every so often a very large wave would come through. We decided against that site. So we headed back into Botany Bay. Henry head looked reasonable so we dropped anchor.  We could see from the surface that the viz looked good.  And at the bottom it was good.  At least 15m maybe 20m.  Water temperature was also a very acceptable 20C so with my dry suit and hood I was very comfy indeed. 

We secured the anchor and headed south towards large rocks and sponge gardens.  There were large schools of old wives and many other fish around the biggest rock formations,  There are gaps here that looked large enough to swim through but we only swam along a deep crevice between 2 large rocks.  Towards the end of the dive we came across a pair of mourning cuttle.  They are so cute to watch.