Henry Head 18-01-14
Henry Head 16-12-06
Henry Head South 22-12-07
Henry Head South 19-01-08
Henry Head Sth 02-08-08
Henry Head South 29-12-07
Henry Head Sth 050909
Henry Head Sth 30-10-10
Henry Head Sth 29-10-11
Henry Head Sth 11-12-11
Henry Head  11-03-06
Henry Head 26-05-13
Henry Head 18-01-14
Henry Head 10-01-15


Our second dive on 18th January was Henry Head on high tide.  Again, we took my housing down after doing some washing and air pressure blowing of the button that leaked before.  Again we put it in the sand on a line back to the anchor.  We headed west down to the sponge gardens.  On the way a blue devilfish sat under a ledge allowing us to get some pics.  Viz was around 10 again but the water was cold and even with a hood we started to feel it.  So we headed back, collected the housing which has no leaks and packed up and went home