The Split 14-08-10


 The Split is a gap between 2 rock walls, a little NW from Barrens Hut.  It is around 3m wide at it's widest and is 3=4 metres down from the top of the reef.  It has a nice sandy bottom and runs for quit a distance.  The seas were big but rolling and far apart so no problem anchoring.  At the bottom we found the anchor on the top of the reef.  It was very surgy here and the viz was under 3m.  We secured the anchor, thought about bailing out but then decided to check out The Split itself.  Inside the Split the seas were calm and the viz quite good - at least 10m.  What excited us was the large number of PJs resting there.  Wayne took a pass down the full length and counted 82, but admits there was probably more.  Most were large and very pregnant females.  There were  also some smaller younger males around.  No doubt if we had headed to Barrens Hut we would have found many more there.

We hovered above the PJs and then settled onto the sand in front of individuals, beside them and amongst them.  They are very docile and we could stroke them without any issue.  Their skin is very rough.  It was quite amazing that we could simply move amongst them - as if we were one of them and they took no notice at all.  We had great photo opportunities and Wayne and I made the most of them.  We did not leave The Split, choosing the spend the whole dive in the one area with these wonderful creatures that we only see for a few months a year.