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  Shiprock is a unique dive site in Sydney.  It is located well within Port Hacking at Lilli Pilli.  It is close to the Dolans Bay boat ramp.  It is unique in that it can only be dived at tide change.  Given that the water is usually dirty at low tide this means that it's only really diveable at high tide.  The reason is that the current through the site is very strong except at tide change.  If you linger here too long you will have a very hard swim back.  It is accessed via a rough and steep path from Shiprock road.  Once you have managed to get down the entry is easy on a flat sandy bottom. You can descend close to the "no wash" buoy then head along the wall with the wall on your right.  Off the wall are a number of bommies that are worth exploring.  Don't forget the bubble cave where you can stand up and take out your reg and breathe from the air in the top of the cave.  It will just hold 2 divers.  There is also a plaque on one of the bommies that is dedicated to a past president of the Underwater Research Group.  Keep heading along the wall and exploring the bommies till you reach a turn point at around 20-25 mins depending on how good you are on your air.  Follow the wall back to the exit.

Viz here varies quite a bit but 5 to 8 metres is reasonable.  There are plants and fish here that you don't see at any other Sydney dive site and the dive itself is comparatively easy.  Note that as the dive site is close to the boating channel care must be taken when surfacing.  If you have to surface do so close to the wall and in the shallow water.

If the climb down and up again is too hard you can always do what we do and dive it from a boat.  But no charters cover this area so you will need to find some one with a boat or get your own.

In 2012 the entry to Shiprock was built with steps, resting platforms and handrails. This was done at the bequest of a local resident who passed away.  The access is now comparatively easy.



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