Shiprock 28-02-09
Shiprock 28-02-09
Shiprock 07-11-09
Shiprock 29-05-10
Shiprock 14-08-10
Shiprock 17-04-10
Shiprock 02-04-11
Shiprock 29-04-06
Shiprock 21-05-11
Shiprock 30-07-11
Shiprock 14-01-12
Shiprock 25-01-13
Shiprock 13-07-13


  We planned our dives to get to Shiprock at tide change and that's exactly when we go there.  There were other divers here but we had the advantage of doing it from a boat.  The viz was great and for Shiprock and there was only a slight current.  We dived south, having a nice encounter with a gloomy octopus.  There were lots of nudies here and quite a few different fish varieties.  And then my camera batteries gave up.  I did not think to change them given the few pics that I had taken that day.  So for the rest of the dive I enjoyed watching life underwater around me. 





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