Shiprock 17-04-10


 After diving the Undola we sped back to get to Shiprock for high tide.   There were already divers in the water and we anchored carefully behind them.  On shore there were many more - mostly novices as we found in the water.  We used our twins which we had used on the Undola.  I found a pineapple fish, we visited the bubble cave (a must for Shiprock).  Out from the wall a bit on a bommie I found a plaque - quite clean. It is dedicated to Howard L Couch - former president of the URG.  I have not seen it before and was not previously aware of it's presence.  From the look of it some one regularly cleans it.  Yep, should have guessed who was cleaning it - Michael McFadyen (who also cleans the Undola and Tug toilets).

There is always great fish life here - bigger leatherjackets and much smaller ones if you care to look carefully.  Ever popular but only diveable at high tide.

We did a 54 minute dive at Shiprock and the viz was as good as I've seen it here despite the newbie divers all around us.