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Jenny has never dived Shiprock so with conditions looking good and high tide at 8 am it seemed a good choice.  And being a workday it was unlikely to be crowded.  In fact it turned out that we had the site to ourselves.

We got there with plenty of time and entered the water just before high tide.  The first thing that amazed me was the viz.  The water was very clear and viz a good 15 metres.  And of course it was a nice warm 22 degrees.

We dived along the wall, seeing a numbray several times, schools of yellowtail, some lovely pineapple fish and the usual range of leatherjackets.  An octopus took our fancy on the way back.  This was one of the cruisiest dives I've done - certainly the best dive I've done at Shiprock.  After 58 minutes we surfaced past the exit point.  In fact we surfaced beside a pier of one of the houses and surface swam easily back the 30 metres to the exit.




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