Shiprock 14-01-12

Shiprock 28-02-09
Shiprock 07-11-09
Shiprock 29-05-10
Shiprock 14-08-10
Shiprock 17-04-10
Shiprock 02-04-11
Shiprock 29-04-06
Shiprock 21-05-11
Shiprock 30-07-11
Shiprock 14-01-12
Shiprock 25-01-13
Shiprock 13-07-13


Shiprock was our third dive for day.  The shore dive access was still closed with the improvements work still not completed.  But with a boat this is no problem at all,  We dropped anchor and found good viz which wad been the order of the day.  We did a 62 minute dive along the wall. Lots of fish - the highlight being a spotted eel that slunk around the rocks and several other eels as well. 





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