Marley Point
Marley Point 10-07-10
Marley Point Rockfall 26-09-09
Marley Point 31-03-12
Marley Point 20-07-13
Marley Point 08-02-14
Marley Point 08-03-14
Marley Point 26-07-14
Marley Point 17-10-15


Marley point is an interesting dive site off the coast of the Royal National Park.  The sand line at around 20m is interesting enough but if you head up a bit shallower there are large rock formations with channels and gutters and some swim throughs and an interesting cave that you can't quite swim out the other side.  There are lots of fish here, usually a few cuttles and in winter PJs.  You can often find Wobbies here as well.

It's a long way down the coast but if the conditions are good it makes it well worthwhile.  A good double is to dive Watamolla, surface interval in the bay close to the beach and then do Marley Point.

Alternatively it can be a good second dive after diving the Undola or Tug.

The GPS marks are: 33o 49.287' S 151o 17.36' W.