Marley Point 20-07-13
Marley Point 10-07-10
Marley Point Rockfall 26-09-09
Marley Point 31-03-12
Marley Point 20-07-13
Marley Point 08-02-14
Marley Point 08-03-14
Marley Point 26-07-14
Marley Point 17-10-15


This was a club dive to Marley Point. We had Zorka and Shane with us.  Leaving from Dolans Bay we were first out of heads and had a good run down to Marley point, anchoring at our usual spot.  We waited a bit but no more boats came. The water looked great from the boat and once at the bottom it was great  Right at the start of the dive a large bull ray came past right between us.  Hw turned and swam right below me - wish I had a better wide angle on my camera.  We headed a bit north, Zorka and Shane headed into the cave while I waited outside.  We kept going north up amongst the rocks.  So many schools of fish around every pinnacle - it was amazing.  A number of PJs, mostly juvenile swam past, most not settling on the bottom for long.  We had long lost Wayne and the 3 of us turned at 30 minutes and headed back closer to the sand line and a bit deeper.  Back at the anchor Shane headed up up while Zorka and I went south for another 5minutes before turning back and up. At the surface I took the last breath from my cylinder - it was empty as I surfaced.