Marley Point 17-10-15
Marley Point 10-07-10
Marley Point Rockfall 26-09-09
Marley Point 31-03-12
Marley Point 20-07-13
Marley Point 08-02-14
Marley Point 08-03-14
Marley Point 26-07-14
Marley Point 17-10-15


We headed down to Marley point on a very flat sea and little wind.  There were a heap of fishers around but they were north of our anchor point.  We headed down in pleasant 20o water.  But the viz was very poor.   There was a huge amount of particulate in the water, giving us viz of 5m at best.  We headed up past the cave and into the shallower water where all the fish are.  Wayne saw the resident bull ray in the distance.  We headed north in 10-12 meters depth with lots of schooling fish.  Then back down to the sand and along the sand line to the anchor.  We did a quick foray up the other side of the cave and then back to the anchor.

A very pleasant dive ruined by poor viz.