Marley Point 10-07-10


 July 10, 2010 - we had dived the Undola and she was wonderful.  After a cuppa inside Marley Point we thought we would dive right on the point itself.  We had no GPS marks but using the bottom finder we motored in until the sandy bottom was replaced by quickly rising rock.  Out went the anchor and the boat was secure. 


With the boat secure down we went using the remaining gas in our twins (effectively a full 12L single cylinder).  As at the Undola, the viz was amazing - 25m it would have been.  Here we found a lovely white sandy bottom and huge tumbling rocks with swim throughs and crevasses.  There was a slight current running to the south which we swam into.  Our first sighting was a pair of old wives, then we saw an adult PJ cruising south over the sand.  It appeared to me that it was doing circuits as it appeared  a few minutes later above the shallower rocks.  Then an Eagle ray cruised past heading south over the sand.  I was a bit far away to get a really good pic.  There were huge schools of bullseye, long finned pike and luderick.  A small moorish idol tried to evade the camera but I managed to get a pic of it regardless.  And of course some really nice sponge gardens which are worth exploring for macro stuff -next time.

This is an amazing site and well worth diving.  With a maximum depth of 22m on the sand it's within the scope of open water divers. 

Eagle Ray

PJ silhouette