Marley Point 31-03-12
Marley Point 10-07-10
Marley Point Rockfall 26-09-09
Marley Point 31-03-12
Marley Point 20-07-13
Marley Point 08-02-14
Marley Point 08-03-14
Marley Point 26-07-14
Marley Point 17-10-15


We dived Marley point as the second dive for the day.  This was a club dive so 2 other boats joined us.  Wayne and I dived with Heinz.  We also had NIck with us, he had dived Wattamola but chose to sit this one out. 

The highlight of the dive was huge bull ray that I saw at the start of the dive and again towards the end of the day.  It was big.  The viz here was no where as good as at Wattamolla and seemed to deteriorate as the dvie progressed.