Marley Point 08-02-14
Marley Point 10-07-10
Marley Point Rockfall 26-09-09
Marley Point 31-03-12
Marley Point 20-07-13
Marley Point 08-02-14
Marley Point 08-03-14
Marley Point 26-07-14
Marley Point 17-10-15


This was a club dive to Marley Point.  We had Leo and Fiona with us.  It seems all the other boats forgot the destination and dived Barrens Hut instead.  We would do Barrens for our second dive.

At Marley point the water was cold and the viz 5m at best.  Everyone put a hood on but I did not believe it would be cold in February. Lucky I put in a pocket - I put it on while I was still descending.  The anchor was neatly placed on the sand line and Wayne had run a line out to the cave which is where I found the rest of the crew.  Wayne and Fiona were slowly swimming shallower when a very large bull ray buzzed past above me.  It headed towards Wayne and Fiona and I started blaring with my hooter to get their attention.  Fiona finally heard the hooter and looked around, with the bull ray not more than a couple of meters away. The ray swung up and around and come back towards me, swinging away at the last moment.  This was an amazing encounter.  I saw the bullray again later in the dive. 

We headed north staying at around 12m depth, using the line to keep track of where we were.  When the line ran out we turned and cam back to the anchor, then headed north again along the sand line.  Lots of schooling fish but with so much muck in the water photos were hard to come by.