Cape Bank Cavern
Cape Banks Cavern 29-7-06
Cape Banks Caverns 29-09-08
Cape Banks Caverns 24-02-07
Cape Banks Caverns 25-04-09
Cape Banks Cavern 15-12-07
Cape Banks Caverns 08-05-10
Cape Banks Caverns 08-01-11
Cape Bank Cavern 18-02-06


  Cape Banks is the North point of Botany Bay.  There are a number of dive sites in this area including Minmi trench, bypass reef and Cape Banks Caverns.

The caverns is just north of the cape in around 15m. If you anchor right you are on top of the cavern.  It is named this as there is large cavern with a number ways in and out.  This site also has lots of swim throughs.  There are always cuttles here and down on the sane on 20m you can usually find weedy sea dragons. 



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