Cape Banks Caverns 29-09-08
Cape Banks Cavern 29-7-06
Cape Banks Caverns 29-09-08
Cape Banks Caverns 24-02-07
Cape Banks Caverns 25-04-09
Cape Banks Cavern 15-12-07
Cape Banks Caverns 08-05-10
Cape Banks Caverns 08-01-11
Cape Bank Cavern 18-02-06


After the Kelloe we were looking for dives that took us closer back to Botany Bay.  We hadn't done Cape Banks Caverns for a while and have always enjoyed this site.  It has a lot to offer the boat diver.  There are huge rock walls and formations, gutters and any number of smaller to larger swim throughs and caves to swim into.  And the site is teeming with life.  We found many PJs including one juvenile PJ that swam towards Wayne and I (we were about a metre apart) and continue to swim between us.  We did see a devilfish but was too shy to pose for a pic.  A friendly moray eel made up for it.  There we lots of bullseye and one eye pullers in schools.  A great dive, despite us getting cold and ending early.  The water is still only 15C.

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