Cape Banks Caverns 08-05-10


 We haven't dived Cape Banks Caverns for quite a while.  May 8th, the conditions were great.  Flat seas, no wind and clear water.  In fact, the viz at Cape Banks Caverns was excellent, easily 15-20m.  We had anchored on the top of the shelf at about 8m.  We headed deeper, finding swim throughs and caverns.  We must have seen at least 4 different cuttles during our dive and they were all curious.  It's mating season so the cuttles can become aggressive.  We didn't find any aggression today, just curiosity.  We spent quite a few minutes with one cuttle, even getting some video of Wayne with a cuttle.  That video is YouTube.  You can watch it be clicking here - YouTube - Wayne & Cutlefish

 We had just swam away from this one and another came up so we spent some minutes with that one as well.  Fantastic conditions and the water is still a warm 21oC.