Cape Banks Cavern 29-7-06
Cape Banks Cavern 29-7-06
Cape Banks Caverns 29-09-08
Cape Banks Caverns 24-02-07
Cape Banks Caverns 25-04-09
Cape Banks Cavern 15-12-07
Cape Banks Caverns 08-05-10
Cape Banks Caverns 08-01-11
Cape Bank Cavern 18-02-06


  We've dive Cape Banks Caverns a few times and loved it.  My 249th dive on 27 July 2006 was one of those magic dives.  Although the sea at the surface was a bit rough, down under it was calm and clear.  There are lots of caves and swim throughs to explore.  We enjoyed the PJs, common this time of year, and marvelled at a large bull ray that drifted past.  Lots of other fish too numerous to name swam around.  This dive we got to 20.4m with a dive time of 50 minutes.

Wayne sets up for a pic


Wayne gets into a crack


a little trench to swim through



Wayne on the way up



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