Cape Banks Caverns 25-04-09
Cape Banks Cavern 29-7-06
Cape Banks Caverns 29-09-08
Cape Banks Caverns 24-02-07
Cape Banks Caverns 25-04-09
Cape Banks Cavern 15-12-07
Cape Banks Caverns 08-05-10
Cape Banks Caverns 08-01-11
Cape Bank Cavern 18-02-06


 We knew that the winds would get up but the seas were long and low.  So we headed out of Botany Bay towards our choice.  Anchoring was easy and the strong off shore wind would push the boat out to sea when we let the anchor go.  At the bottom the long low swell had become a very big surge.  We were moving up to 2m each way in the swell.  Our first encounter was with a giant cuttle who wanted to take my camera.  On this dive I had the camera and housing only, not the strobes.  This was a test dive for my new housing.  We had a nice encounter with a weedie and I got a good shot of it in front of Wayne.  A moorish idol also amused us as it flittered about.  The surge was troublesome and we bailed out more due to that than air or no deco time.  Viz was pretty average so we weren't prepared to venture too far from the anchor.