Camp Cove 10-04-09
Camp Cove 13-03-07
Camp Cove 21-03-07
Camp Cove 10-04-09
Camp Cove 30-12-05


 The Easter long weekend was upon us and water conditions looked superb.  Jen and I headed to Camp Cove for an easy dive.  This is where I took her for a try dive and where her diving journey commenced.  That first dive was her shortest, this one would be her longest at 70 minutes.  We followed the rocks out looking at every rock and crevice.  We went through the swim through and continued to the point.  At 3.5m and only sand we turned and slowly headed back, swimming around all the rocks that we came across.  The highlight was a mourning cuttle which was sitting on a rock.  It was happy to swim around our hands.  They are really lovely to interact with.