Above Water
Fish Rock 27-04-07
Fish Rock 29-04-07
Above Water


We didn't just dive at SWR.  There are wonderful walks along the beaches and along the rugged coast line.  One of our walks was from the town along the beach to the gaol.  We toured the gaol, then had an early lunch at the kiosk near the gaol and walked along a walking track to Little Bay.  There is a track that runs from there over the rugged headland to the lighthouse.  This is a 3 hour walk for experienced walkers (which we are).  We had planned to walk from the lighthouse back to the town via this path but one a dive I hurt my knee (hit it on a rock) so wasn't able to do this walk. 

Here are some of the pics from out above water activities.

main beach

main beach

gaol in the background

Jen in the gaol

entrance to cells


Jen in cell door

a cell

another cell

Jen locked me in

Me in a cell

View from the gaol

view from the gaol

gaol walls

about the monument

German monument

main beach

looking across the bay

looking across the bay

Arakoon bench

looking south

rock about to fall?


Dolphin in the sand


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