South West Rocks March 2007

Late March 2007 my partner Jenny and I took a week off and headed up to South West Rocks. The plan was for me to do 6 dives, Jenny to do a try dive and both us to spend some R&R on the beach, in the water and walking. The seas were big the week we were there, I managed 4 dives but it was too rough for Jenny's try dive.

We stayed at the Heritage Guesthouse.  It is a restored guesthouse with 9 well appointed rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, private courtyard and BBQ, all there for us to use.  The majority of our dinners we bought fish bought that day from the Co-op, bought some salad vegies from the local supermarket and put together a great meal which we ate in the courtyard.

We swam, and did some walking and visiting some of the local attractions such as the light house and the goal.  Though the seas were up we had plenty to do.

My dives were on Fish Rock, including one through the cave.  I dived with South West Rocks Dive Centre. The staff were very helpful and very experienced.  The diving was superb, despite the big seas. 

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