Great Barrier Reef

I had volunteered to give some presentations to a roadshow that my work was doing, and of course I chose Cairns and Townsville. So on the weekend of October 14 and 15, 2006 I venture out through rough seas and strong winds with Cairns Dive Centre to the outer reefs.  I was booked on the live aboard Kangaroo Explorer which is a 3 storey catamaran.  The boat sleeps over 20 people plus crew and it is hard to know how many people are on it at any time.  I was just staying one night but you can book for as many nights as you like.  The day boat Sunkist visits daily taking people to and from Kangaroo Explorer and also day trippers, who stay on her. 

It was a rough trip out and I was thankful that my Kwells did the job.  After around 2 hours we boarded Kangaroo Explorer and were seated in the bar/dining room.  Here we were briefly introduced to the crew and the boat's routine including safety requirements and then allocated to our rooms. Our accommodation was on the mid deck.  4 bunks to a room plus an ensuite with shower and toilet - enough for what we needed.  Once settled we headed up to the sun deck which is the top deck.  This is where all the breifings are held.  The boat runs to a strict timetable.  Divers can do a maximum of 4 dives per day including a night dive.  I managed 6 for the 2 days as we arrive late morning and depart early afternoon.  Dives are at 6am, 8am, 11am for those on the boat already, 2pm for those just arrived and 4pm or 7pm.  I had all my own gear but the boat is well equipped with everything that a diver would need to dive these waters.

Food was wholesome and plentiful and you could buy beer and wine if you wished.  There was plenty of water for drinking scattered around the boat and comfy chairs on the sundeck.  There was also a library in front of the sun room, filled with lots of books.  Resident Videographer Thomas has all his computers set up in the library.  The inside areas of the boat are well air conditioned.

Moore Reef Turtle Bay
Club 10 Millne Reef
Moore Reef - Three sisters


                                             Sunkist                                                                                     Dive deck on Kangaroo Explorer


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