Christmas Island

We went to Christmas Island after Cocos (Keeling) Island.  We planned to do 8 dives and would do more if we could.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature was to be a problem.  The seas were big for the full week that we were there.  I managed 3 dives while the rest of the group managed 4 or 5.  I missed out on one day because I was bitten on the finger by a nesting titan triggerfish.  I went to the hospital, got antibiotics and it's take almost 2 months to get full strength back.  The dives I did do were all on the Resort side of the Island.  One was from the Resort lagoon, a long walk and the other 2 were drift dives from their boat.  We did see 2 giant hammerheads - they were a bit scary.  We dived with Mark and Karen from Indian Ocean Diving.

The seas

The seas slammed against the cliff faces in front of our motel, pushing water 10m into the air.

Hughs Dale
The Grotto
Resort Lagoon
Nui Nui Temple Drift
Resort drift


When we couldn't dive we toured the island.  We went to the Blowholes, the Dales, saw the new detention centre being built, did a tour of the phosphate mines and visited as many places as we could.  Mark and Aaron even played a round of golf.

island map

my first crab sighting

Lily Beach

Lily Beach

Lily Beach

rainforests above Lily Beach


boardwalk from Lily beach to Ethel Beach

new detention centre

looking back towards settlement

fungi in the jungi

lots of crabs

a robber crab

clear water near the blowholes


blowholes platform

a big blow

water from the blow

Territory day park

flying fish cove

flying fish cove

defence gun looking over flying fish cove

blue crabs


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